Bathead – Your Big Bat Nightmare (DCD Album – Bathead)

By Mar 17,2018

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Genre/Influences: EBM.

Background/Info: The horror and comic orientated EBM by the German formation Bathead is back on track unleashing its second opus. Vadim H defines his music as ‘dark psycho EBM’. The work features an extra album with remixes.

Content: The sound and global influences carried by horror atmospheres haven’t really changed. This old-styled EBM with something funny on top. The structures and global production are pretty simplistic although a bit more elaborated than on their previous work.

Next to the main disc featuring 14 song you also get an extra disc with 11 remixes. The most noticeable names are Akalotz, Amnistia, Human Steel, Pantser Fabriek and MC1R.

+ + + : If you like simple and totally old-school devoted EBM you definitely will have to discover Bathead. The typical body bass lines and haunting atmospheres both are the main characteristics of this project. Bathead definitely tries to develop their own style and has improved a few aspects of the writing process.

Among the remixes I especially want to recommend these accomplished by Akalotz, Projekt 26 and Bodystyler.

– – – : The main point that already hurts me with the previous work was the lack of professional production. The mixing and mastering are poorly executed resulting in a compressed sound. It all reminds me of the late 80s and early 90s productions, but that was a time there was less professional material than today.

Conclusion: I still believe that Bathead has something apart as EBM formation, but they first of all need more professional equipment and/or joining hands with a producer.

Best songs: “The Vampire Strikes Back”, “Bloodsport V.2”, “Wicked And Wasted” + “Dirty Scumbag, Dirty Whore – Bodystyler Remix”, “Dance The Batusi – Projekt 26 Remix”.

Rate: (6).



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