Bastard Noise / Xiphoid Dementia – Human Extinction Engine (Vinyl Album – Phage Tapes / Terror / Existence Establishment / Scry Recordings)

By Jul 26,2019

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Genre/Influences: Noise, industrial.

Background/Info: This work is a split album between long-time active noise-maker Bastard Noise and Xiphoid Dementia. The album has been released as a collaboration between different labels.

Content: Xiphoid Dementia takes off with 3 harsh industrial-noise pieces. The tracks have been achieved with a few spoken samplings and bombastic/epic arrangements. Bastard Noise takes the B-side delivering 4 harsh pieces mixing industrial, noise and pure improvisation. Both last cuts are supported with a dark, tormented sphere.

+ + + : You’ve to be into ‘noise’ to enjoy this split album, but it’s a rather accessible format because of the diversified influences that have been mixed together. I especially like Xiphoid Dementia’s “Spirals”, which has something more ambient-driven. My favorite Bastard Noise cut is “Cries From Pterosaur Graveyard, which appears to be a great and somewhat improvised-like track. I also have to say a word about the great artwork of this vinyl; a picture disc says that much more than digital releases!

– – – : It remains an album for a very specific and experienced audience!

Conclusion: Dark and tormented, harsh and noise-like! This album is the meeting between inspired noise-makers.

Best songs: “Spirals”, “Malevolence” (Xiphoid Dementia), Cries From The Pterosaur” (Bastard Noise).

Rate: (7).

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