Basscalate – Bass Bitch (EP – darkTunes Music Group)

By Aug 15,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-Rave, Trance-EBM.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: German project Basscalate was set up during the lockdown. Driven by SynthAttack front man Martin Schindler, and he got some vocal assistance from Julia. A first single “Feel this Beat” was released last year while we now get an EP featuring three songs plus two remixes.

Content: Basscalate clearly sounds like a fun project to set dancefloors on fire. It sounds rather like a mission impossible during lockdown, but once the clubs will open their doors again; this EP has the potential to lead visitors into an ecstatic dance. As the name of the project indicates, the songs are driven by solid bass lines mixed with pumping rhythms and pure Trance arrangements. Julia’s vocals are produced in a half spoken way, sometimes creating the effect of a sampling. Martin does the backing vocals, which sounds like growls. Remixes were done by ES23 and Basszilla. 

+ + + : The main focus is to compose Electro for dancefloors and Basscalate clearly succeeded in their goal. The title song is hitting hard, mixing Techno and Trance with a dark touch on top. The lyrics are hilarious, but it fits with this kind of stuff. Both remixes add a cool extra.

– – – : It’s hard to say if we should treat Basscalate as a serious project; it’s just fun and music to drive you mad. 

Conclusion: Basscalate sounds like an antidote to Covid-19; the ultimate vaccine to get clubs open again!

Best songs: “Bass Bitch”, “Feel This Beat”.

Rate: 7½.


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