Aware – The Book Of Wind (CD Album – Glacial Movements Records)

By Jul 21,2017

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Genre/Influences: Soundscape, cinematographic, ambient.

Background/Info: Aware is solo-project set up by Alexander Glück. He studied philosophy and physics in Vienna (Austria) where’s he’s located. This is the de but album of Aware, which is meant as ‘a collection of short essays which never reach their goal, but vanish into nothing, to which they belong.’

Content: The concept behind the music sounds more complex then the music properly speaking. The front cover showing a young wolf in a snow landscape perfectly stands for the sonic experience. It’s not that cold, but a truly evasive sensation, which feels a bit like symbolizing the immensity of the landscape.

The compositions are somewhat mysterious, but always prosper. I perfectly imagine some cuts reworked and adapted with classical instruments.

+ + + : I like the relaxing sensation emerging from “The Book Of Wind”. It feels comfortable and when you close your eyes you feel transported throughout an endless and quiet universe. This is a total ambient experience, which however features noticeable little sound treatments and great stereo effects. This is an album with a strong visual aura.

– – – : Glacial Movement here experiments with a more ‘classical’ format of ambient music. So I can imagine some adherents of the darker ambient genre will not be exited listening to Aware. Speaking for me it was a relaxing experience, but maybe a little less monotonous after a while.

Conclusion: “The Book Of Wind” is an invitation travelling throughout your inner self and simply getting aware of all beautiful images your brain might produce.

Best songs: “But God Was Not In The Earthquake”, “But God Was Not In The Storm”, “So He Got Up And Ate And Drank”.

Rate: (7).

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