Autoclav1.1 / Displacer – Spacetime (CD Album – WTII Records)

By May 6,2018

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Genre/Influences: IDM, electro-ambient, experimental.

Background/Info: Released in 2017, this split-album brings two masters in their genre together. UK artist Tony Young (Autoclav1.1) and Canadian artist Michael Morton (Displacer) already released an EP entitled “The Star Atlas” (2015) on Displacer’s own label Crime League.

Content: “Spacetime” is an album that brings the listener to explore intelligent sound dimensions. Most of the tracks are pretty astral-ambient like, but also reflecting a cold sound element. The tracks are still carried by rhythms, which are sometimes danceable. I think it’s a perfect symbiosis between the sound approaches of both musicians. On one hand you get the more evasive electro-ambient work of Autoclav1.1 and on the other hand the somewhat more experimental minded work of Displacer. Both artists feature 6 tracks.

+ + + : Those musicians are made to work together. They music is linked to each other and definitely complementary. I have always experienced Autoclav1.1 as one of the most refined projects dealing with electro-ambient while Displacer is more minimal-like. The common point between both artists is their fascination for sound creation and that’s precisely what comes through on “Spacetime”. The tracks reveal a great sound intelligence and invite listeners to embark for an astral sound dimension, which fits to the title of the album. It can be pretty icy-like, but still dreamier.  It’s a minimal, somewhat experimental and definitely accomplished work.

– – – : My very personal (little) regret is that I would have liked to hear a few vocal lines and/or samplings here and there. The tracks are now a bit similar-like although you don’t hear me complain.

Conclusion: There are artists who are pretty close to each other and that’s precisely what I feel on this work. But I think it would be also interesting to see both musicians composing songs together.

Best songs: Autoclav1.1: “Gravitational Lensing”, “Gravitational” / Displacer: “Traveller”.

Rate: (8).

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