Atomine Elektrine – The Antikythera Mechanism (Album – Winter-Light)

By Feb 17,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, experimental.

Format: Digital, CD, vinyl (2xLP).

Background/Info: Atomine Elektrine is one of the numerous projects set up by Peter Andersson –who we all know as the instigator behind Raison D’Être). He released several albums over the years, worked with multiple labels, but this new opus is the first one released by Winter-Light. The title of the album reflects an old Greek system, which was used to predict astronomical positions.

Content: Atomine Elektrine probably is one of the most experimental or abstract projects by this famous artist. This work is not that different although it is also supported by dark-ambient atmospheres. From field recordings to endless sonic manipulations, you also get the impression some tracks are more into improvisation. But some passages also have something evasive.

+ + + : This artist is a great addition to the Winter-Light roster. The album has something unique for being somewhere in between ambient and pure experimental music. Peter Andersson transformed himself into a kind of noise scientist collecting sounds and noises to transpose them into a sonic puzzle. Some sound waves are overwhelming, creating a frightening sensation, which mainly comes through at “The Exeligmos Pointer”. Last, but not least the digipak of the CD format is an artistic creation.

– – – : Atomine Elektrine never has been my favorite project from this artist for being sometimes a bit too much in experimental music. Peter Andersson remains to me a true reference when it comes to dark-ambient music.

Conclusion: Even if I’m not a huge fan of experimental works, this new work by Atomine Elektrine has something pretty accessible.

Best songs: “The Exeligmos Pointer”, “Metonic Spiral”.

Rate: (7).


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