Asymetrik – Asymetrik 001 (Digital EP – Asymetrik)

By Jan 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, IDM.

Background/Info: DJ and producer Arjun Vagale is considered a pioneer of techno music in India. After numerous releases he now released the debut work of another project as Asymetrik. There’s also a vinyl edition available with one less  song.  

Content: The digital-EP format features 5 tracks, which are moving much further from simply techno music. It all sounds like Arjun Vagale discovered industrial music, which he meticulously mixed with techno. The opening piece sounds as a warm-up for the 3 master cuts coming next. This is a hard and sophisticated industrial-techno sound driven by a dry, danceable kick. The intelligent treatments and arrangements are opening a window upon IDM.

+ + + : This is intelligent music, which can be defined as industrial-techno with IDM influences on top. The artist has used a great arsenal of sounds and noises –featuring analogue treatments, but it’s especially the way he produced these different elements that sounds great and efficient. “Before Dawn” is a brilliant song with a dark and anguished atmosphere on top. “Exit Stage Left” is made of the same ingredients and here again there’s a chilling sphere hanging over the song.

– – – : The last song –digital bonus, “Xplor Senses” is the single cut that couldn’t convince me.

Conclusion: This debut EP is a great discovery and a must have for all lovers of intelligent industrial-techno music!

Best songs: “Before Dawn”, “Exit Stage Left”, “C19H21N3O”.

Rate: (8).

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