Alarmen – Xenotop (CD Album – Audiophob)

By Jan 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-ambient, IDM, experimental, glitch.

Background/Info: Can we speak about a resurrection of Alarmen? Not exactly as Carsten Stiller (co-owner of Audiophob) who has been active under the Alarmen moniker since 2000 was featured from time to time on compilations. His latest album (cf. “Next”) was however released ten years ago now! 

Content: No one better than one of the label owners can make us clear what Audiophob stands for! A label dealing with intelligent- and minimal electronic formats like illustrated on “Xenotop”. Alarmen constructed a sonic canvas made of experimental- and glitch sound treatments, minimal electronic sequences with a truly astral atmosphere and slow rhythms. The tracks have been progressively built up and are all instrumentals.

+ + + : I’ve always been fond of electro-minimalism and that’s what this album stands for. The composition has something vintage-like and yet it appears to be a refreshing format. The sphere created by Alarmen has something inhibited creating a mysterious effect. The opening part of the album reveals the best cuts and I would especially recommend “Anticipate”.

– – – : The sound formula has something predictable, but what I especially miss is a sonic climax on one of the songs.

Conclusion: “Xenotop” is an interesting experience mixing reverie together with electronic nostalgia. This album makes me think of a modern version of early electronic experiments.

Best songs: “Anticipate”, “As It Happens”, “Alternate Endeavour – Album Version”.

Rate: (7½).


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