Arkademode & Robin Boot – Weird Connection (Digital EP – Space Factory)

By May 29,2019

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Genre/Influences: Minimal-electro, electroclash.

Background/Info: “Weird Connection” resulted from the common efforts between Spanish DJ/producer Arkademode and Irish DJ/producer Robin Boot. This EP features 3 songs plus 2 remixes.

Content: The opening song “Data Entry” is more a kind of intro, which quite surprisingly has been remixed at the end of the release by Baroque and The Fool’s Stone. Both songs left gives us a better idea about this duo. Especially the title song reveals a somewhat 80s-like and electroclash approach. The rhythmic is slow and the robotic vocals bring some good-old souvenirs to life. The other cut is an instrumental, kind of B-side song.

+ + + : The title song is definitely the best one. The electroclash reminiscences have something ‘sexy’ and I’m sure this is the kind of song appealing to 80s lovers as well.

– – – : I don’t really understand why the best song (the title track) hasn’t been remixed. Both remixes are not exactly adding a bonus.

Conclusion: There’re more ideas and potential hiding inside this duo than what came out. It’s not exactly my favorite Space Factory release!

Best songs: “Weird Connection”.

Rate: (6).

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