An Erotic End Of Times – Chapter One (CD Album – Echozone)

By Sep 23,2017

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Genre/Influences: Goth-rock, dark-rock, goth-metal.

Background/Info: Behind this new formation is hiding Porn singer Philippe Deschemin and ex-Porn member Erwan Frugier. Deschemin is also active as novelist, journalist and speaker about political philosophy at university. “Chapter One” is the debut work of this new project.

Content: The music and the vocals are reflecting a real state of passion. It’s a powerful production and dark production that rocks. There’s a perfect mix between gothic-, rock- and metal music while you will notice a few electronic treatments now and then. Some songs are reminding me of The Mission although this album sounds more into rock and metal.

+ + + : An Erotic And Of Times has perfectly merged styles together. The result is nothing really new, but definitely a well-crafted and mature production. I especially like the passion emerging from the songs. The vocals are rough and enraged while the music is covering solid choruses and furious guitar passages, which can be very evasive on a few cuts. I also noticed a few epic arrangements, which are like accentuating the dramatic content of this work. An Erotic End Of Times also pay a real importance to their lyrical content, which mainly deals with disappointments, broken relationships and existential questions.

– – – : We might speak about a rather successful work although “Chapter One” doesn’t really bring anything new. It sounds a bit like I’ve already heard this kind of production endless times before. The work features cool cuts, but I don’t see a potential hit!

Conclusion: A new band with a promising name is born! The content is maybe not that sexy and more into darkness.

Best songs: “Love Is The End”, “No Right Expect To Die”.

Rate: (6½).


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