Alien Vampires – World In Denial (EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Dec 30,2020

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Genre/Influences: Dark-Electro.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: The Italian gang Alien Vampires is back on track. They this year first launched their terrific side-project Speed Injektion and are now moving back to the Mother Ship. The Italian formation brings us four new songs plus five remixes.

Content: Alien Vampires remain harsh, a tiny brutal and always into provocation. The opening title-song takes off with a speed cadence and pumping beats. The vocals are switching from enraged parts towards a rather poppy style of singing during the chorus. We next get a song (cf. “Destrudo”) with guitar riffs and epic arrangements. “Darkweb” sounds hard and Electro-Industrial driven while “AV Forever E9” is a dark and wafting track.

We next get remixes of “World In Denial” and “Destrudo” by Chamaeleon, Viscera Drip, Distoxia, Reaxion Guerilla and Adeonesis.

+ + + : An EP with 4 different songs is an aspect I particularly appreciate and, which makes the difference with boring EP’s featuring a title song and an endless list of remixes. I can’t say that the title song is the best one as “Destrudo” and “Darkweb” both are great songs as well. Alien Vampires also took care to release songs, which are clearly different from each other. The common element remains the tormented sphere hanging over the compositions. I have a preference for the harder and Industrial-driven “Darkweb”. Among the remixes I’ll recommend the remix of the title track by Distoxia.

– – – : Alien Vampires is back on track and that’s a damn great thing, but even if this is a cool EP, it’s not the best work I’ve heard from those crazy Italian noise terrorists. The remixes are a bit disappointing although they’ve been made by great Dark-Electro acts.

Conclusion: Alien Vampires stand for harsh productions filled with rage, which is an appropriated sound for the title of this EP.

Best songs: “Darkweb”, “Destrudo”, “World In Denial”.

Rate: (7½).

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