808 Dot Pop – Kelvin 7300 + Kelvin 5600 (EP + Single – Alfa Matrix)

By Dec 30,2020

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Metroland’s ‘Passenger S’ this year released his first solo-album under the 808 Dot Pop moniker. “Kelvin” is a new song extract from that album and released as the title-track of these two EP’s.

Content: The EP “Kelvin 7300” features 2 mixes of the title song while there also is a mix of “Plack’s H”, which is another track taken from the album “The Colour Temperature”. Both “Kelvin”-versions are getting us back to the ‘robotic-pop’ music of the Belgian artist. The deep, vibrating bass lines and bleeps are evoking the memory of Kraftwerk. The “Boltzmann Mix” of “Planck’s H” is an extended version going over the 9 minutes. It takes off a rather Lounge-style and progressively evolves into a darker piece.

The single “Kelvin 5600” features next to the title song a new track entitled “Boltzmann’s K”. This new edit of “Kelvin” sounds pretty funky-like while the new track moves on the robotic, poppy style of the album carried by solid bass lines and bleeping sequences.

+ + + : Both releases create an entity, which is a cool extinction or bonus to the album. “Kelvin” was not exactly my favorite song from the album, but it stands for the funky-poppy approach of the project. The different edits of “Kelvin” plus both extra songs are clearly different to Metroland, which sounds more sterile and stiff. There are noticeable differences in the 3 edits of “Kelvin”; I especially recommend both versions from the EP. The “Boltzmann Mix” of “Planck’s H” is another cool cut. It covers different influences, but especially the progression towards a darker final sounds cool.

– – – : Both songs from the single don’t really add a real bonus; it sounds like an extra release without that much interest.

Conclusion: “Kelvin” was the third extract from 808 Dot Pop great debut album so time now to work on real new songs and normally a second album.

Best songs: “Kelvin 7300”, “Kelvin 4500”, “Planck’s H – Boltzmann Mix”.

Rate: (7½).

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