Alien Vampires – Fuck The Revolution Bring On The Apocalypse (Digital EP – Alfa Matrix)

By Dec 19,2018

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, industrial.

Background/Info: ‘Nysrok Infernalien’ and ‘Nightstalker’ are back on track preparing their upcoming full length “London Paranormal” announced for early 2019. No better way than releasing an EP with new songs, but next to this new work there also is the ‘twins-EP’ entitled “Evil Twins”.

Content: This is an opportunity to discover 4 new songs by Alien Vampires. The influences are diversified, revealing a more eclectic approach in sound. From the heavy, dark-electro and industrial-like “Bring On The Apocalypse” to the more melodic and accessible “Ready To Die” to the hard-banging industrial-rave driven “Hyperbolic Doubt” featuring Chainreactor this EP has a lot to offer.

The original version of the last new song entitled “Fuck Borders” is available at the “Evil Twins”-EP, but you here get remixes by Studio-X and Venal Flesh. Other remixes from songs originally featured have been provided by Acylum, Synapsyche and DKAG.

+ + + : The songs are diversified, which I think is a good thing. The Alien Vampire fans are going to love “Bring On The Apocalypse” for its merciless, industrial style. The more melodic “Ready To Die” sounds as one of the band’s ‘sweetest’ cuts, but it remains a great danceable track. Among the remixes I especially like the obscure and tormenting Acylum remix of “Bring On The Apocalypse” while new Alfa Matrix band Synapsyche did a good job remixing “Ready To Die”.

– – – : Some of the remixes are very different from the traditional Alien Vampires-style and I especially refer to the techno-driven remix by DKAG. But at the other side that’s also the goal of remixes, isn’t it? This is the perfect stuff for DJ’s.

Conclusion: Alien Vampires are back and they’re still driven by provocation and merciless electronics. The new cuts smell like they’re announcing a great new album.

Best songs: “Hyperbolic Doubt featuring Chainreactor”, “Bring On The Apocalypse”, Bring On The Apocalypse – Acylum Remix”.

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