The Negativity Bias – Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat (CD Album – Audiophob)

By Jan 1,2020

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Genre/Influences: IDM, techno, industrial.

Background/Info: Chris Dupont (real name Christoph Lemke) is for sure more recognized as a member of the dark-electro and EBM-driven formations MRDTC and NordarR… but he’s also involved with a few more projects such as The Negativity Bias. Three years after the debut album “Whatever You Want” he’s back on track unleashing eight new songs.

Content: The songs are moving on where the previous album left off. Chris Dupont deals with a meticulous mix of IDM, techno, trance and industrial. The work sounds pretty diversified because of the multiple influences while each song is driven by repetitive sequences joined by extra sounds. A ghost atmosphere is supporting some cuts. Most of the songs are driven by a slow cadence.

+ + + : The songs are slowly built up and that’s also why they’re rather long. Chris Dupont takes care to elaborate his music and appears to be a real sonic master chef when it comes to merge different styles together. I especially like the debut of the work featuring great pieces such as “Twice A Man” and “Again Again Again”, but I also enjoyed the cold-techno resonating “Seven Samurai”, which is one of the last songs.

– – – : A few tracks are characterized by an experimental touch, which is a bit less accessible (cf. “Before The 666”, “The Sixth Son”).

Conclusion: The Negativity Bias makes me think of an imaginary sonic label where different music genres are distilled getting a fine and exciting result related to IDM or call it intelligent techno.

Best songs: “Twice A Man”, “Again Again Again”, “Seven Samurai”, “4 The Squad”.

Rate: (8).


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