Adult. – Detroit House Guests (CD Album – Mute)

By Jun 23,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, experimental, minimal EBM.

Background/Info: Detroit based duo  Nicola Kuperus – Adam Lee Miller are back on track unleashing their sixth studio album. The title refers to the ‘concept’ of the work, which features numerous guests artists such as Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb), Michael Gira (Swans), Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum), Robert Lowe, Lun*na Menoh and Dorit Chrysler.

Content: The sound of Adult. always has been something apart. I remember to have heard songs from their early work played in electroclash clubs, which back in time symbolized a revival of electro-underground music. This work has a strong retro-inspiration as well. The sound treatments remain vintage-like and sometimes accentuated by the contribution of the guest artists. That’s probably the reason why some of the tracks evoke good-old souvenirs bringing me back to Psychic TV and Chris & Cosey.

Next to the experimental exposure “Detroit House Guests” also features more EBM-driven cuts. The songs are pretty minimal, but more danceable and heavy-like. Douglas McCarthy and Shannon Funchess both will bring you harder parts to dance to.

+ + + : Adult. brings you a creative exposure of modern electronics inspired and made with ‘old’ recipes and sound formulas. It creates a refreshing and diversified work, which is only accentuated by the input of all guests. There are several attention grabbers featured, but my preference clearly goes to the minimal-EBM driven “We Chase The Sound” featuring Shannon Funchess and “They’re Just Words” featuring the Nitzer Ebb front man. The other song featuring Douglas McCarthy is a funny cut for the lyrical content clearly evoking songs of Nitzer Ebb.

– – – : Some of the most experimental cuts aren’t the most convincing ones and clearly totally different from the ‘harder’ passages.

Conclusion: “Detroit House Guests” is a non-conventional electronic production, which sounds a bit like a modern version of Psychic TV, Chris & Cosey, Crash Course In Science and related names.

Best songs: “We Chase The Sound feat. Shannon Funchess”, “They’re Just Words feat. Douglas McCarthy”, “We Are A Mirror feat. Douglas McCarthy”, “Breathe On feat. Michael Gira”, “As You Dream feat. Michael Gira”.

Rate: (8).

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