Acylum – Hate (Digital EP – Alfa-Matrix)

By Oct 3,2015

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Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, electro-industrial.

AcylumContent: This newest EP by Acylum has been released nearly at the same time of the “Venom”-EP. “Venom” revealed a completely new song plus an extra exclusive track while “Hate” brings you back to the dark inferno of the “Pest”-full length.

The main song “Born To Be Hated” was reconstructed into a so-called “Shot Two”, which remains pretty faithful to the raw electro-industrial Acylum sound. It all sounds brutal and harsh, which is an element you once again will discover in the production of the vocals. It’s an overwhelming dark-electro style, which is highly danceable, but still influenced by a sort of tormented layer. Acylum is the kind of band that can’t leave you unmoved.

“Born To B Hated” was remixed on this EP by 4 different formations, which each have tried to inject their own touch to the song. Xentrifuge and First Black Pope both did it a rather familiar dark-electro and industrial way, and both of the remixes are pretty well-crafted.

The biggest surprises were accomplished by a more clubby-danceable remix of Simon Carter and totally transformed and impressive work of Venal Flesh. The remix of Venal Flesh really deserves a special mention for their creative work.

The few remixes left are also songs that were originally released on the last album. The “Pest” song was remixed by two bands, but I here especially noticed the amazing work by Llumen. This new-signed Alfa-Matrix band transformed the original song into a modern dark cut with vague technoid elements and a kind of avant-garde approach.

“My Knife” was remixes by two different bands as well and I here especially recommended the brilliant and somewhat body-minded remix by VV303.

Conclusion: “Hate” reveals not as many surprises compared to “Venom”, but a few remixes transposing the original songs into a new approach and sound dimension are worthy of examination.

Best songs: “Born To Be Hated – Shot Two”, “Pest – Llumen Remix”, “The Knife – VV303 Bunker Remix”, “Born To Be Hated – Venal Flesh Remix”.

Rate: (DP:8)DP.


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