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5 Tips for Opening an Impressive Live Music Venue

By Jul 25,2020

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5 Tips for Opening an Impressive Live Music Venue

Opening a live music venue may not be a walk in the park. It would be best if you aimed at keeping the audience entertained throughout the period. Opening a live music venue is a lucrative venture with high profits if only you know how to run the music venue like a pro. Without any further ado, let’s get sailing on how you can open a live music venue.

1. Choose a Location

In every business, location is very crucial. Having the right location means your business has high chances to succeed. A great music venue is not any different. Consider selecting a site that is accessible by foot or by vehicle. You may choose an upcoming location that has room for expansion.

When choosing a location, you should also consider the security of the location. Your audience should be safe when attending any concert at your music venue. Don’t forget parking, since many concertgoers will arrive by car. The parking lot should have ample space and also be safe.

You should buy the property where you want to set up your live music venue business. First and foremost, an upcoming location will save you the cost of rising rent. If the company fails, you will be able to make up for the money by selling the property.

2. Give Your Music Venue an Identity

Building a brand identity is an important step when opening your venue. An identity makes the music venue stand out from the others in the area. When choosing an identity for your venue, consider selecting a straightforward name that your audience can comprehend easily. A unique identity is also vital in marketing your business since most people will tend to try out new music areas.

3. Offer Extra Services

A music venue will be kind of boring if there are no catering services. Your audience would love to try out different drinks and meals. You can consider incorporating a rooftop bar and grill. Just remember to provide servers and cooking staff with storage space by adding several outdoor wall cabinet sets above the bar. Glasses and utensils tend to disappear, so you want extra on hand.

4. Hire Staff and Buy Equipment

No business can operate without staff. A live music venue needs sound engineers, stagehands, ushers, security personnel, custodians, and a host of other employees. House musicians scheduled to perform once or twice a week are also essential since it’s unlikely you’ll be able to book touring acts every night.

Getting quality sound equipment will play a key role in attracting the audience. You need to hire or purchase thrilling equipment such as lights, which will give a breathtaking atmosphere. Hiring a DJ is also crucial in this business. A highly skilled DJ is preferred since he/she will turn on the show, and your audience will enjoy it.

5. Promote Your Live Music Venue

With proper promotion, you will be sure to receive an overwhelming audience at every show performed at the venue. Roadshows can be an excellent method of promoting your music venue. One advantage of the roadshow promotion is that your audience will be entertained as you promote the venue.

Social media promotion can also bring people to your music venue. Since the world has become a global village, conducting a social media promotion will reach out to many people worldwide. Social media promotion is much cheaper compared to roadshows. It is also more effective.


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