40 Octaves Below – Digital Fracture (CD Album – Itsalive Network Enterprises)

By Jan 8,2020

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Genre/Influences: EBM, dark-electro.

Background/Info: 40 Octaves Below is a Canadian project. This album took 13 years (!) to get achieved and learnt that ‘sound is a wave 40 octaves lower than the frequency of light’.

Content: This project clearly sounds inspired by EBM and dark-electronics. The production is pretty rough, unpolished, revealing industrial sound treatments and somewhat reminding me of productions from the 90s. I get the feeling you can hear that the songs were composed over a long period as especially the second half of the album sounds more elaborated.

+ + + : This work will appeal to lovers of 90s EBM. It’s an old-fashioned production, which sounds rather simple although some cuts are a little more sophisticated. “Creep-U” is a song revealing a bit more potential and definitely the path to follow!

– – – : Generally speaking, the sound production and mix of this album are rather poor and not very professional.

Conclusion: 40 Octaves Below first of all has to improve the global production process, but especially focus on a better mix and recording.

Best songs: “Creep-U”, “siKr – Original Incept Mix”.

Rate: (5).




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