Electronica artist Komputergirl releases debut album POLARPOP

By Apr 6,2017

Komputergirl -POLARPOP [2017]

(By our Norwegian correspondent Jan Ronald Stange. Photo + MUA: Pernille Jensen. Hair: IcyDreads.)

Komputergirl´s debut album “POLARPOP” narrates a metaphysical voyage through different planes of consciousness towards spiritual enlightenment. It is also a physical journey exploring a wild and cold Antarctica, beginning at the open plains of Dome A, through icy terrain, ending at the mythical pyramid structures of the Cosmic Mountain. Musically, this translates into a tracklist of eight songs, stretching from dreamy electronica and psychedelic club beats, to sci-fi inspired ambient and uncompromising dronescapes.

Komputergirl -POLARPOP [2017]Komputergirl is a Norwegian electronica artist, composer and producer. Since 2004, she has explored ways to communicate her fascination with arctic landscapes, space and spirituality, through music. Over the years she has developed a progressive electro sound which she refers to as “new age futurepop”, combining the traditional arrangement of contemporary dance music, with a wide array of elements from genres such as ambient, noise and experimental.

POLARPOP is a musical embodiment of Komputergirl´s raw and boreal universe, a cool, etheral place where she warmly invites you in to reconnect with Love, Light and your Spiritual Self.







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