Yellow Lazarus – The Mark Inside (EP – Out Of Line)

By May 13,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-pop, industrial-dance.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Yellow Lazarus is a mysterious new band signed to Out Of Line, which released its debut EP “The Mark Inside” during the very last days of 2019. There’s no information available about the background of this trio. ‘Slender Owl’, ‘Metalcore Shouter Scarfox’ and ‘U+1F430’ are hiding behind masks. They claim to compose music as an ‘expression of freedom’!

Content: Those guys look crazy (just pay attention for the front cover), but the music is even more crazy! It’s a danceable composition, which is mixing electro-pop with dance and industrial music.  There sometimes is a duality between the styles and also between some music passages and the male growls while other passages are featuring female parts. The EP features 5 different songs. 

+ + + : This EP is just ‘crazy’! I never heard such a production before. It’s pure fun because you rapidly feel there’s no compromise possible. Some elements and arrangements made me think the mysterious members are active in other (or different) bands from the Out Of Line roster, but I prefer to wait for the announced album to be sure about it. But one thing is for sure, Yellow Lazarus and Out Of Line dare to release something totally weird. I’m just going to mention “Tangier” which is driven by a chorus reminding me of the dance music of Culture Beat and their famous hit “Mr. Vain”. But on top you get a naughty production, which makes it all sound industrial-like. Yellow Lazarus are however experts when it comes to composing melodies and gets people on the dancefloor. 

– – – : Some passages are definitely very commercial-like and therefore a bit ‘cheap’-like. I can’t say there’s one song better than the others so no real hit here!

Conclusion: Yellow Lazarus is an antidote to all dark-electronics and metal-orientated bands from Out Of Line! This project for sure will gain the award for most original and totally weird band from the label! But it’s fun!

Best songs: “Vicious Memories”, “Insects In Dry Places”.

Rate: (7).


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