Wolfsheim founder Markus Reinhardt releases ‘Travel In Time’ video for single from upcoming debut solo album under the Renard moniker – watch it here

By Aug 28,2020

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Wolfsheim founder Markus Reinhardt releases'Travel In Time' video for single from upcoming debut solo album under the Renard moniker - watch it here

(Photo by Sven Emme) Renard is the brand new project by Wolfsheim founder Markus Reinhardt. Out now is the “Travel In Time” video shot for a single from his upcoming debut solo album “Waking up in a different world”. The track itself features the German singer Pascal Finkenauer (known from JAW, The Black Cherries, etc.).

It’s not the first time that the duo works together, in 2010 they formed Comfortable Cave Goodbye and released the rather great single…. “Travel in Time”. That track now gets picked up again for another project. The album was recorded with producers Oliver Blair (Ladytron, Client, Kelli Ali of Sneaker Pimps, etc) and the Hamburg based Chaos Compressor Club (Moddi, Love A, etc).

“The end of Wolfsheim motivated me to reinvent myself. A process that was urgently needed. With Renard, I’m more with myself,” he states. “My album combines the sound and mood of the 80’s with the stylistic devices of today.”

Here’s the Renard version.

The original version as released by Comfortable Cave Goodbye in 2010.

Guest vocalists from Client, Alphaville, …

Besides Pascal Finkenauer the project has several other singers, including urban-folk artist Joseh, Sarah Blackwood (Client, Dubstar), Greek vocalist/composer Marietta Fafouti, Eliza Hiscox (royalchord) and German singer Marian Gold (Alphaville). The two hold a long-held mutual admiration for each other’s work.


  1. The Meissen Figurine (feat Joseh)
  2. Restless (feat Marietta Fafouti)
  3. Travel In Time (feat Pascal Finkenauer)
  4. Heresy (feat Sarah Blackwood)
  5. Hotel (feat Marian Gold)
  6. My Heart’s Still Shaking (feat Eilza Hiscox)
  7. Damn Happy (feat Marian Gold)
  8. Junkyards (feat Pascal Finkenauer)
  9. Intelligent Design

Silence after Wolfsheim

For those who are unknown with Wolfsheim, this was a highly popular synthpop duo from Hamburg, Germany, that consisted of Markus Reinhardt and Peter Heppner. They are best known for their singles “The Sparrows and the Nightingales” (1991), “Once in a Lifetime” (1998) and “Kein Zurück” (2003).

Although never officially disbanded, Wolfsheim has been inactive since 2005 due to a dispute between the two members, which even led to trials in 2007 and 2008 that forbade either member to continue Wolfsheim without the other. Heppner has since shown interest to reform the band, or at least start recording again with Reinhardt.

Markus Reinhardt has since the split been rather silent, let’s hope that this new project is the beginning of a new era for the musician.


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