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What does musical taste say about your girlfriend?

By Sep 20,2018

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Experienced users of online dating sites are sure that the way to fully understanding Russian brides is through their music taste. The most important information in the lady’s profile could be the list of bands and artists that the future Russian woman in your life loves to listen to.

OneWife.com is committed to giving you the best online dating experience. It offers two-way videochat, trusted profiles and more. It also gives you the opportunity to find your Russian lady by giving her space to introduce herself to you.  And the secret to understanding your girlfriend could easily be hidden in plain sight in her profile.

Here is our guide to music and Russian women – use this information with care – it could cause love to erupt!

Something upbeat

Does the Russian lady tell you that she likes a bit of Selena Gomez – or maybe she listens to Flo Rida? You might find her jigging with the beats as part of a workout mix – or out on the floor with the friends – loving the moment.  These Russian girls are likely to be extrovert – no surprise there.  But, they are also likely to be honest and conventional – they will work hard and believe in themselves.  Beware though – if you love the creative then these women are not for you.

And, if they like to rap

Should you hide? Oddly, the answer is no.  Researchers find that the idea that all those that love rap will be aggressive is plainly not true. But, they are confident, and they won’t be shy in talking to you.  If Dr. Dre is listed – or maybe Eminem – know that this woman knows her own mind.

What if they rock out?

Hide.  No, only joking.  Quite the opposite is true of your heavy metal Russian women.  Despite the conventional idea that rockers are violent – they are more likely to be shy, introverts.  Your Russian women who listen to rock are more likely to be gentle and need your compliments and gifts to help boost that tender self-esteem.

Something a little more obscure

What if there is a list of bands and individuals that you have never heard about before? Well, your first task will be to leave the online dating site and do a quick online search for the music they’ve listed.  And after that, you will find that this Russian woman will be introverted and intelligent.  She might not work as hard as some other women and appear a bit anxious at first, but she would listen to all you have to say.

And when they like to dance?

The boom, boom, boom of the dance floor is going to give you a woman with a high self-esteem and a hugely creative mind! You might have your hands full with these Russian women – but you are sure to have a good time.

Let music be the food of love

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about – right? Music is the food of love. So, we should pay attention to his advice – look at the music listed on the online dating site profile and work out which of these Russian women will be the future love of your life.


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