We Are Temporary – Crossing Over (CD album – Trisol)

By Apr 4,2017

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop.

Background/Info: We are Temporary was set in 2013 by Brooklyn – New York based artist Mark Roberts. After a couple of digital releases the band signed with Trisol. The German label is not that really often signing new bands so I think it can be really seen as a consecration for We Are Temporary to have joined Trisol.

Content: I discovered a fine and alluring electro-pop driven work, which sometimes reminds me a bit of a hybrid between IAMX and The Northern Territories. “Crossing Over” sounds delicate and carried by precise melodies and judicious crystalline bleeping sequences. The songs are dreamy-like, but supported with a dark flavor.

The slow rhythms accentuates the emotional content and more especially its melancholic side.

+ + + : We Are Temporary took me by surprise. This is electro-pop music with a different approach although holding on the familiar and faithful melancholic taste of electro-pop music. The main differences come through in the global sound production and the sexy vocals. There’s a delicious sensual taste mixed with darkness and driven by a slow cadence. The already evoked crystalline sound sculptures evoke some fragility, but also a beautiful and delicate element. The album features a few potential hits such as “You Can Now Let Go” and “Remember Our Light”, but also multiple beautiful songs. I’ve to mention “Give Me More”, which is probably the darkest cut, but still “Prism”.

– – – : The mix of the vocals sometimes is a little bit too much at the forefront so you don’t always clearly hear the little details from the music behind. I also regret that some tracks are maybe a little bit too short.

Conclusion: We Are Temporary is a great new coming band and I dare to say a relief among the army of Depeche Mode clones active in the synth-pop scene. This is a band with a unique sound and simply intelligent in its global approach.

Best songs: “You Can Now Let Go”, “Remember Our Light”, “Give Me More”, “Prism”, “Let’s Fall Silent”.

Rate: (7½).

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