Vogon Poetry – Never Too Late (Digital EP – ScentAir)

By Sep 25,2015

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Genre/Influences: Electro-pop, electro-wave.

Vogon Poetry – Never Too LateContent: This EP by Swedish formation Vogon Poetry is meant as a teaser to introduce their 2nd album “The Prefect Stories”.

“Never Too Late” is a good choice as the title-song although not an absolute smasher. It’s a well-crafted electro-pop-wave cut featuring nice electro bleeps. The only regret I have about this song is the minimal touch that seems to have been lost. I don’t know if it’s fully representative for their new full length album, but it definitely was an essential aspect featured on their debut opus “Don’t Panic”.

The title song has been remixed in 9 different versions. This is an opportunity to discover the creativity of bands like Erotic Elk, Diskodiktator and Restriction 9 plus several less familiar names. The most noticeable remix is the one by Japanese producer Kei Kohara who realized an amazing job. The remix reveals a somewhat experimental/glitch approach mixed with power and technoid arrangements. This is a terrific transposition of the original version into a supersonic dancefloor style.

Two other noticeable remixes were accomplished by established pop formations Erotic Elk and Diskodiktator. I especially liked the minimal reinforced touch emerging from the Diskodiktator remix.

I can’t say that the other remixes left are terribly inspiring, but some experimental-minded remixes are quite interesting. So I’ll make a special mention of Blitflipp. In a totally different approach there also is the rather ‘happy-sounding’ remix by Jooli. Notice by the way that Vogon Poetry accomplished thier own remix as well.

The EP features a few more songs and one of the most noticeable ones is the cover version of the legendary “Only You”-song, which you know from The Flying Pickets, Yazoo ao. This cover sounds a bit melancholy.

Another noticeable song is the remix of “Vectors” (originally released at the EP “More Things To Do In Zero Gravity”). The “Garkbit Edit” is a fascinating exploration of electro fields moving in between EBM and pop-minimalism.

Conclusion: “Never Too Late” is a song that you’ll easily keep in mind because of the formula they used which is to remix the song like hell. The least I can say is that it works for “Never Too Late”.

Best songs: “Never Too Late – Kei Kohara Remix”, “Never Too Late – Diskodiktator Remix”, “Never Too Late”, “Never Too Late – Erotic Elk Remix”.

Rate: (DP:7)DP.


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