Virtues & Failings – 3 (EP – Virtues & Failings)

By May 28,2020

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Donate and keep us up and running! Thanks!

Genre/Influences: Gothic, folk, cold-wave.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: This EP is the third release in a series of four. Vancouver (Canada) based Virtues & Failings is back on track unleashing four new songs. 

Content: The previous EP logically entitled “2” was more into cold-wave while “3” takes off with a mix between gothic- and folk elements. The next cuts are a bit similar featuring a sweet taste of darkness with male vocals on top. The songs are pretty short. 

+ + + : “3” can’t convince me a similar way as its predecessor although I can enjoy the sweet, melancholia emerging from the songs. It’s an easy listening with the opening track “Song” as the most promising one for its accentuated folk touch.

– – – : The songs sound a bit unaccomplished, remaining rather short and without any apotheosis.

Conclusion: Virtues & Failings again can’t totally convince me. I think this project first of all has to elaborate the song writing.

Best songs: “Hero”.

Rate: (5½).



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