Unisex – Open The Door (Album – Deafening Assembly)

By May 28,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-techno, industrial-acid, trance.

Format: Digital.

Background/Info: Nick Filth has been active under the Unisex moniker for numerous years now although he was mainly prolific during the past few years. This American artist is also involved with numerous other projects such as Kyoty, N’Zwaa, Psychic Wounds and Trembling Love. “Open The Door” is the newest exposure of his electro-driven Unisex project and features five tracks.

Content: “Open The Door” is a hard sonic mix between different genres like industrial-, techno-, acid- and trance music. The tracks are progressively built up to reach an apex, which mainly comes through on both last songs. The composition is mainly instrumental although you’ll notice some few, sensual vocal parts on the title track.

+ + + : The fusion between these different influences is absolutely accomplished. It’s not that new and yet it has something refreshing. I especially like the mix between acid- and industrial music, “Gerhty” being an absolute highlight in the genre. But I also fully enjoyed the more trance driven “Buiolllggrty” driven by a deep bass line and a heavy, pumping industrial kick. It’s a furious piece and a great apotheosis to this work.  The vocal parts featured at the title song are adding a cool bonus to this hard and dark techno-trance cut. 

– – – : Unisex remains a true sonic challenge for mixing different influences together.

Conclusion: This album is the work of a true electronic chameleon or sonic alchemist. “Open The Door” will set industrial dancefloors on fire.

Best songs: “Buiolllggrty”, “Gerhty”, “Open The Door”.

Rate: (8).

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