V/A Anthology Of Experimental Music From Mexico (Album – Unexplained Sounds Group)

By Jan 31,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Dark-Ambient, Cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: The famous “Anthology Of Experimental Music” set up by the Italian label Unexplained Sounds Group for his newest edition is visiting Mexico. The CD version features thirteen artists while the digital edit features five extra names. The compilation wants to be a mix of ‘older’ artists and more contemporary ones.

Artists: Rogello Sosa, Tecuexe Band (2 tracks), Juanjose Rivas, Interspecifics, Israel Martinez, Simonel, Roberto Romero Molina, Rodrigo Ambriz, Mito Del Desierto, Concepción Huerta, Heraldos Negros, In Formaldehyde + Sebastián Fuentes, Microhm, Fernando Vigueras, Gibrán Androide and Sunnesther.

Content: The Mexican Experimental scene is not exactly the most familiar one to me. Except Israel Martinez the other names are totally unknown to me. An opportunity to discover new names, but also to get an idea about this scene. The selected artists are clearly and mainly dealing with Experimental music. From Experimental bombast with a neo-classic touch on top (Rogelio Sosa) to Tribal aspects (Tecuexe Band) to pure horror impressions (Juanjose Rivas) to explicit field recordings (Israel Martinez) to classical voices mixed with Experimental sound treatments (Roberto Romero Molina) to noise experiments (Rodrigo Ambriz) to a final part animated by Dark-Ambient like passages (Concepción Huerta, Heraldos Negros, Tecuexe Band) this sampler reveals an impressive canvas of Experimentalists.

The bonus track you’ll discover on the digital edit reveals some extra Ambient parts.

+ + + : Mexico is an interesting land; the cultural life is a mix of old traditions and rituals (think about the rituals of death) at one side and modernism –probably inspired by their American neighbors, at the other side. I’m not affirming that you hear this paradox in this album, but there clearly is a mix of very different influences. One thing is for sure this edition is one of the most Experimental ones. It’s also fascinating to realize the differences in the approach and writing of Experimental music between all different countries and continents that have been already covered by this series. I’m more into the Dark-Ambient driven artists and therefore the bonus tracks from the digital edition are worthy of examination.

– – – : I have to admit some artists are definitely too experimental for my taste.

Conclusion: This is one more interesting edition in this brilliant compilation series!

Best bands: Tecuexe Band, Heraldos Negros, Concepción Huerta + Sebastián Fuentes.

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