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Types of Injury Cases

By Mar 26,2018

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Every year, millions of people are injured. While the most common cause of injury is car accidents, people can also be injured at work, in a hospital, or due to a faulty product. Each one of these personal injuries can occur due to the negligence of someone else. You may be at fault for your car accident, but someone else could be to blame. You may have used a product incorrectly, resulting in an injury, or the product may be defective. If you are responsible for your own injuries, you don’t need to take legal action. If, however, someone else’s negligence resulted in bodily harm, you have a legal right to receive compensation. To understand some of the most common personal injury cases, and what each entails, consult the list below.

Car Accidents

Over 2 million people are hospitalized each year due to car accidents. Car accidents in the US are the fourth leading cause of death. These statistics are grim, and the chances of an injury occurring from a car accident are higher than any other personal injury. Though these stats should be an incentive to drive safely, they won’t necessarily  protect us from someone else’s negligence. If you or someone you love is the victim of a car accident, you may qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Negligence on the other driver’s part will have to be proven, but if it is, you can receive financial compensation from their insurance provider.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall cases are another leading cause of personal injuries. Slips and falls can occur in an unsafe work environment, an icy parking lot, or an apartment building. Often, the owner of the property can be held legally responsible for what occurred. If you were injured on someone else’s premises, consider contacting a lawyer. If you own property, you’ll want to make sure your residents are safe. Keep your parking lots well salted in the winter. If you work with the elderly or disabled, even a nurse’s aid can’t prevent every slip. Look at walk in tubs reviews or install railings to help protect individuals on your property.

Medical Malpractice

Another leading cause of deaths each year is medical malpractice, which may be to blame for over 700 deaths each day. Medical malpractice can occur in several ways, including a faulty prescription, unclear instructions, surgical complications, or birth-related injuries. A patient’s harm or death does not mean that medical malpractice occurred, however. In order to count as medical malpractice, a doctor has to have been grossly negligent. In other words, did they fail to do everything they should have, or did they take an action they shouldn’t have risked? If you or someone you love was a victim of medical malpractice, you may wish to consult medical malpractice lawyers. In Rochester, NY, Bend, OR, and a host of other cities across the U.S., a lawyer is waiting to help you assess your case, and help you receive financial compensation for your loss.

A personal injury can be a difficult time for anyone, especially when it should have been prevented. Seek help for yourself during this time, both in the form of emotional support and legal assistance.


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