Turgor – Imferrum (CD Album – Ölocaust Recordings)

By Jan 22,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Turgor is a Russian trio set up in 2017. “Imferrum” must be the first exposure from the project, which has a very personal approach consisting  of ‘experimenting with sounding materials, self-made instruments and sound processing tools’.

Content: This album is clearly driven through dark-ambient elements. The sphere is hostile, definitely dark and haunting and yet intimate. Metallic noises, hard drones and different kinds of creepy, little noises have been mixed together. I also noticed 2 tracks with some spooky, whispering vocals.

+ + + : “Inferrum” is much more than simply dark-ambient. The tracks have been meticulously built up revealing an impressive sound canvas. Deep and low vibrating sound waves are carrying most of the tracks, but you next will notice the meticulous approach in the sound treatments. It all together creates an extremely hostile sphere with several climaxes.

– – – : The album (which is more a mini-album) features 7 cuts. Only “Anomalyra” and “Hauntology” can’t totally convince me, but I have no reason to complain.

Conclusion: Turgor sounds as a real revelation in dark-ambient music. This is a project with a huge potential and I really look forward to discover more work from them.

Best songs: “Nessus”, “You’ll Never See (In)”, “Outer Space Transmission”.

Rate: (8).

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