Tommy Four Seven – Veer (Vinyl Album – 47)

By May 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, experimental, d’n’b, techno.

Background/Info: Operating from Berlin (Germany), British producer Tommy Four Seven –owner of 17 and also involved with These Hidden Hands, strikes back with his second full length album.

Content: “Veer” features” 10 tracks driven by very different influences. There clearly is an industrial touch carrying all the songs while the mix with techno is obvious. You’ll also notice d’n’b driven passages, experimental sound treatments and dark atmospheres.

+ + + : “Veer” is mainly characterized by an overwhelming hi-tech production. The fusion between industrial- and techno music has been successfully accomplished while the extra influences make the album only more open-minded and exciting. This production reveals great sound treatments, heavy industrial rhythms, and also melodic sequences. I also enjoyed some vocal/sampled passages injecting a spooky touch to the work. There are many cool tracks featured.

– – – : Tommy Four Seven’s “Veer” sounds somewhere in between different music ideas and influences. It’s one of the album’s strengths, and maybe very accessible for techno or industrial ‘purists’.

Conclusion: “Veer” clearly sounds like a progressive release; it’s not that much innovating, but Tommy Four Seven has his own sound and that’s hardly appreciable!

Best songs: “Radius”, “2084”, “The Virus”, “Feed”, “X Threat”.

Rate: (8).

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