Résonance Magnétique – Sign (CD Album – Neris Records)

By May 30,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient, ambient-gothic.

Background/Info: Four years after the debut album “Revoke”, French artist Ludovic Dhenry (Exponentia, Zauber) strikes back with a new opus of 13 songs.

Content: Résonance Magnétique definitely sounds like the ‘ambient’ project of the artist. You for sure will recognize sound treatments and arrangements that will remind you of Exponentia, but globally speaking this album is driven by dark-ambient music with a ritual flavor on top. It sometimes makes me think of a primitive fusion between Sopor Aeternus, Das Ich and Raison D’Être. The tracks are instrumentals, revealing an ultra haunting atmosphere accentuated by subtle bells sounds and choir sounds. The main particularity is the rhythm, which is not that usual for pure dark-ambient.

+ + + : Résonance Magnétique is not the most familiar project Ludovic Dhenry is involved with, but it’s maybe his most original one. He transposes dark-ambient and gothic music into a new dimension where both genres are merging together. I like the extremely dark and ghost-like atmospheres hanging over the songs while the few ritual aspects get it more mysterious. It feels like a secret black mass.

– – – : The sound formula rapidly becomes repetitive and that’s often a remark concerning all projects of this artist.

Conclusion: “Sign” sounds like music for ghosts or… should it have been composed by a ghost?

Best songs: “The Crypt”, “Vein”, ”Sign”, “Grim Cave”.  

Rate: (7).

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