Toal lands ‘Trapped Heart’ single on darkTunes – and it’s a fine tune!

By Apr 24,2020

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Toal lands'Trapped Heart' single on darkTunes - and it's a fine tune!

Out now is the brand new single by Toal, the follow-up to last year’s “Timeless”. The female fronted electropop act is blessed with a great vocalist aka Luzi Lacole and on this single she reminds us of some of the best material recorded by Technoir.

The single itself has 4 tracks including the title track and 3 remixes by Jan C. Hoffmann, Ruined Conflict and Stahlklang.

Toal is a quartet hailing from Braunschweig and Herford and started as a band in Autumn 2017. The band’s frontwoman Luzi Lacole entered the electronic music scene in 2017 as keyboarder, dancer and singer of the band Synth Attack. Next to her we find Rob Gee, Oak, and Tian who all have served in other bands and projects before.

You can listen to the single below.


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