The Stargazer’s Assistant – Mirrors & Tides, Shivers & Voids (Album – Zoharum)

By Mar 20,2020

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, ritual, martial, dark-ambient, cinematographic.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: David J. Smith (still involved with Guapo) has already been busy since 2007 with his Stargazer’s Assistant project, but he didn’t release new material on a regular basis. This work, which was originally released on vinyl format in 2013 on Utech Records has been now re-released on Zoharum on CD format.

Content: The six original songs have been divided into two chapters. I don’t really notice the difference between both parts, but it was clearly conceived for the original vinyl format featuring 3 tracks on the A-side and 3 other tracks on the B-side. Sound wise this work sounds like it is in constant motion, bringing different influences together. It can be ambient and experimental at the beginning track, moving towards a mystic sphere on the next cut while becoming pretty apocalyptic on another song while the last passages are mixing ethereal inspired vocals together with martial rhythms and ritual elements.

+ + + : There’s not a lot of cohesion between the tracks, but everyone will find a few noticeable ones. I enjoyed the more mystic- and ethereal inspired “Shivers & Voids”, but there’s also something to say about the progression running through the opening song and the visual strength running through “Night Soil”.

– – – : I already pointed out the lack of cohesion between the tracks, which creates the sensation of listening to a compilation.

Conclusion: If you’re open-minded and you like music genres such as experimental-, ritual-, dark-ambient & cinematographic music, this work is something for you. One thing is for sure, there’re a few cool ideas running through it.

Best songs: “Shivers & Voids”, “Night Soil”.

Rate: (6½).


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