Syrian – Death Of A Sun (CD Album – Infacted Recordings)

By Jul 29,2013

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Genre/Influences: Synth-pop.

Content: Syrian is back after a silence of nearly 6 years. Their previous album “Alien Nation” was released in 2007 on A Different Drum and for Europe on Infacted Recordings. This Italian project released a great album revealing a very danceable and high-tech format of electro-pop based on solid melody lines and catchy choruses. Songs like “No Atmosphere” and “Space Overdrive” got some international recognition, but the band finally moved out of the spotlight until this new opus “Death Of A Sun”.

It all appears that they are still inspired by galactic themes, but musically there’s a very noticeable evolution. Syrian no longer deals with the ultra danceable synth-pop style, but now achieves quieter cuts. The sound and vocals both remain recognizable, but the tempo is much slower. It feels a bit like the duo tried to compose a more intimate and emotional work, which unfortunately never break through. Syrian lost their velocity somewhere in a black hole and now are in a kind of free fall. I know it might sound a bit severe, but if you remember the quality of their previous work you sincerely can’t be satisfied on “Death Of A Sun”.
The only great song of the album is the very Pet Shop Boys-like “Ninja Warrior”. This song sounds like evoking late 80s and early 90s memories and it’s just a pity there’re no other songs in this vein.

There’s nothing to say about the global writing and vintage sounds the songs have been composed with, but the only point that hurts is that there are less climaxes on this work.

Conclusion: I don’t like to consider myself as a ‘fan’, but Syrian sincerely was a band I have always fully considered for their work and remixes as well, but “Death Of A Sun” feels a bit like starting from zero again!

Best songs: “Ninja Warrior”, “Runner In The Night”.

Rate: (DP/6)DP. / /


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