Svønd – Hate Included (Album – Kammer Records)

By Jan 26,2021

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, Experimental, Soundscape.

Format: Digital, Cassette.

Background/Info: I never heard of this German project and unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information to find on the net. “Hate Included” features eight tracks. The album is available as a limited cassette format.

Content: Sound-wise this artist creates a fusion between related music genres like Industrial, Soundscape and Experimental music. Dark repetitive loops create an anguishing sphere, which becomes sometimes a bit more elaborated with extra sounds and field recordings. Every title features 1 letter, which all together create the words ‘hail lcfr’.

+ + + : Svønd clearly stands for a minimal approach of Industrial/Ambient music. I like this minimalism and especially when the composition is achieved with some extra sounds and carrying drones. The tracks “L” and “C” are the most accomplished cuts and I hope they might serve as the basis for this project to move on with.

– – – : Next to the aforementioned attention grabbers I experienced the other cuts as less accomplished. It remains a rudimentary work based on simplicity while I get the feeling there’s more potential inside this work.

Conclusion: Svønd is pure minimalism and total underground music! I’m not entirely convinced and yet I’m sure this artist can do better.

Best songs: “L”, “C”.

Rate: (6).




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