Stefan Christoff / Post Mortem – Tape Crash #12 (Cassette Split-Album – Old Bicycle Records)

By Feb 22,2016

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Genre/Influences: Cinematographic, experimental, noise.

Stefan Christoff - Post MortemBackground/Info: Old Bicycle Records is a small Swiss label, which is mainly releasing cassettes and releasing CD’s from time to time. This cassette features Stefan Christoff (Canada) and Post Mortem (The Netherlands).

This album sounds a bit surreal as both artists don’t really have that in common when it comes to their sound.

Content: The first side features 6 tracks by Stefan Christoff, which brings the listener into a world of imagery and cinematographic sounds. The work is pretty minimal and definitely experimental. I like some dreamy passages and the somewhat eastern inspired atmosphere running through “Correspondance”.

Both last cuts are accentuating the cinematographic approach and the dreamy element as well. The piano playing creates this unique atmosphere leading the listener to imagine own images.

Post Mortem is totally different and even a kind of sonic antidote to Stefan Christoff. This artist who’s already active for numerous years is opening a fictive gate to join a world of sonic mayhem and multiple noises. We’re moving through a sound made by field recordings, samplings and multiple manipulations. A few parts of lost voices are featured in this bizarre atmosphere with an extra haunting touch.

+ + + : Stefan Christoff clearly reveals to be a talented composer in the soundtrack genre while Post Mortem reveals a rather accessible format of noise and experimentalism.

– – – : Both sides of this cassette (and artists) are not exactly compatible with each other.

Conclusion: “Tape Crash #12” reveals to be a sonic ‘clash’ when it comes to analyze respective work and influences of both artists.

Best songs: “Correspondance”, “Waasland”.

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