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By Apr 18,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dream-pop, indie-pop/rock.

Starframes – Nicht VergessenBackground/Info: Starframes is an Italian formation which has released their third full length album. It also is their first new opus since 2011. “Nicht Vergessen” is a conceptual work based on the book “Stasiland” from Anna Funder. The story happened in Berlin from the 1940s up to modern times. Each song reflects a chapter of the book.

Content: If you consider the tragic events and period from the 40s and you discover the sweet and dream-pop like sound of Starframes you can only, but agree there’s an interesting disparity. Some of the songs feel as ballads while other are pure reverie-like and a bit cinematographic-minded. Several tracks are instrumental versions. The guitar parts create a dreamy experience.

+ + + : First there’s the artwork of the album revealing a great digipak format. Next there’s an interesting and original concept. Sound-wise the album appeals for lovers of dream-pop trips. The guitar playing injects a truly spirit to the work. Reverie emerges from the beautiful songs “Zimmerstrasse”, and “Dear Akelei” while the instrumental “One Day” is another attention grabber. This album has a relaxing effect and invites the listener to embark on an imaginary voyage.

– – – : “Nicht Vergessen” is an easy listening opus, but missing an apogee.

Conclusion: “Nicht Vergessen” makes me think to the sensation of a road-movie.

Best songs: “Zimmerstrasse”, “Dear Akelei”,  “One Day”, I Am No One”.

Rate: (6½).


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