Squarepusher to reissue debut album ‘Feed Me Weird Things’ for 25th anniversary on WARP + new 2021 tour dates

By Apr 22,2021

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Squarepusher to reissue debut album'Feed Me Weird Things' for 25th anniversary on WARP + new 2021 tour dates

Squarepusher is releasing a special 25th anniversary edition of the project’s debut album “Feed Me Weird Things”. The album will be out on June 4th on WARP. It will also be the first time that Squarepusher’s debut album will be available on streaming platforms.

The album was a key release for Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s Rephlex label and has gone on to be regarded as one of Squarepusher’s best. It was on strength of this record and Squarepusher’s early EPs on various labels that caught the attention of Steve Beckett who signed Tom to Warp. The “Port Rhombus” EP on Warp came out later the same year, with “Vic Acid” EP and the “Hard Normal Daddy” album following in 1997.

First released on the now inactive Rephlex label, the album has not been available on streaming platforms until now and has been out of print for more than a decade. It will be reissued on vinyl (2 x 12” 1 x 10” + booklet), deluxe casebound book CD and all digital formats.

This complete edition has been remastered from the original DATs and features two extra tracks which were first released on the B-side of the Squarepusher “Plays…” EP and later featured on the original Japanese release of this album. The edition also includes a 16 page booklet with personal photographs, ephemera and candid notes from Tom Jenkinson, throwing light on the early days of his career.

The release follows “Be Up A Hello”, Squarepusher’s 2020 album.

New 2021 tour dates

  • 23/10/21 – Boiler Shop, Newcastle ** New date **
  • 25/10/21 – Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool
  • 26/10/21 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – SOLD OUT
  • 27/10/21- Concorde 2, Brighton
  • 28/10/21 – Metronome, Nottingham – SOLD OUT
  • 29/10/21 – Roundhouse, London

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