Spray – Enforced Fun (CD Album – Banoffee Sound)

By Aug 7,2016

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Genre/Influences: Dance-pop, synth-pop.

SprayBackground/Info: Spray is a British duo I discovered in 2002 when they released their debut album “Living In Neon” released on Ninthwave Records. A second album “Children Of Laser God” got released in 2007.  Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn who in a former life were members of The Cuban Boys are now back on track unleashing their third full length.

Content: The opening cuts clearly sound into dance-pop music. It’s a kind of ‘warm summer’ music on the edge of commercial dance music. This is the kind of well-crafted pop music with simply, carrying tunes that will bring you instantly to dance.

The second part of the work reveals a more interesting content, which is less ‘commercial’-minded. There also is a dub-minded cut, but the main part consists of more traditional electro-pop songs. It still feels ‘summer-like’ getting you in a happy mood, but in the end this is also what this kind of pop music stands for.

Notice by the way that Spray invited several guests to join in on a few cuts. One of the most surprising guests is Hollywood actress Jane Badler who’s featured on the intro-cut. One of the most familiar names is Hyperbubble, which is another electro-pop driven band.

+ + + : The global production reveals a high qualitative sound resulting in cool songs. I like the diversity from the album and especially the evolution from a more typical dance-pop style towards classical electro-pop fields. The song “The 80s Never Died” featuring Phil Fletcher and DonQuibeats sounds pretty vintage-pop like and is the best cut from the album. This is a pretty accessible electro-pop release.

– – – : Spray moves on the edge of commercial dance-pop music and that’s a kind of grey zone that will not convince all electro-pop lovers. The sound is pretty contemporary, but I’m afraid it will rapidly suffer from the weight of time.

Conclusion: If you’re in search of well-crafted dance-pop music that will appeal for a wider audience and make your friends dance during a warm Saturday night garden party, Spray will be your best friend.

Best songs: “The 80s Never Died”, “Fake controversy Coincendentally Moves Product”, “The Biggest Pool In LA”, “Overdramatic”.

Rate: (7).

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