Soundscape artist Ian Williams releases new video ‘Kalahari’ from the album ‘All becomes desert’

By Sep 7,2021

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Soundscape artist Ian Williams releases new video'Kalahari' from the album'All becomes desert'

Out now is a new Ian Williams video, “Kalahari”, taken from the album “All becomes desert” which offers warm analogue soundscapes.

“Kalahari” is the opening track on “All Becomes Desert”, an album of improvised analogue soundscapes by London based musician and composer Ian Williams that evokes the hostile beauty of the most spectacularly empty places on earth. Note that Side-Line described it as “a fascinating concept created by the magic of analogue sound treatments”, you can read the complete review here.

In regard to its video, Williams explains that “it was originally planned to be shot with a nine strong crew during a two week safari to the hostile climes of the actual Kalahari desert, honest, but due to circumstances beyond our control – scuppered by the pandemic, would you believe it – we had to improvise a Plan B, sticking a sand art picture in front of an iPad, which, we’re pretty sure, will be convincing to the vast majority of viewers. And it still looks really cool, so who’s complaining?”

Here’s the video.

About Ian Williams

Ian Williams began his music career in Edinburgh in the early 1980’s as a founder of Beautiful Pea Green Boat, whose ethereal, atmospheric sound pre-dated the vogue for dream pop by at least twenty years. Several collaborations with Lebanese choreographer Joumana Mourad and her contemporary dance company Ijad saw him fuse Arabic/classical/techno/ambient styles, following which he changed tack to work with singer Claudia Barton as Gamine, releasing two albums of dark, piano-led torch songs and lullabies.

2019 saw the release of his solo debut, “The Dream Extortionists”, with his eclectic electronic soundtrack to the French documentary film “Les Blessures Invisibles” (Invisible Wounds) following a year later.

“All Becomes Desert” was released in spring 2021 and consists of a series of recordings he had made three decades earlier that were recently transferred onto a modern set-up.


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