Sonologyst – Phantoms (CD Album – Unexplained Sounds Group)

By Dec 21,2019

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, dark-cinematographic, dark-ambient, abstract, industrial.

Background/Info: Unexplained Sounds Group owner Raffaele Pezzella is back under his artist moniker: Sonologyst. He self-released his latest creation wants to be a ‘dreamlike mental landscape of nonsensical memories, a metamorphic passage from the blackness, the shadows of a lost beauty; everything frozen in the stillness of phantom recordings”.

Content: If you’re familiar with the style of this Italian sound alchemist, you for sure expect an experimental recording. And that’s exactly what “Phantoms” is all about although it also explores other-, but related sonic genres. It’s for sure experimental or abstract, but still featuring a cold taste for industrial- and dark-ambient music. Sonologyst creates a sonic mayhem, which comes to an apotheosis at “Fragments Of A Winter With A Few Other Cards To Play”. The tracks have been progressively built up and often getting close to a real climax. 

+ + + : Raffaele Pezzella clearly likes sonic collages, his works being characterized by a wide sonic canvas where the ‘sonic operator’ is mixing field recordings and sonic treatments together. Sometimes spooky and next totally abstract-like, Sonologyst didn’t change the familiar way of working. It makes all the originality of the artist and his project, but more than ever before he clearly reveals to be a truly noise/sound collector.

– – – : The experimental side of the work remains the less accessible one. You sometimes get the impression to face a sonic puzzle without that much cohesion.

Conclusion: Sonologyst moves on exploring the wider fields of experimental/abstract music while also injecting frightening passages.

Best songs: “Orient Out Of Tune”, “Fragments Of A Winter With A Few Other Cards To Play”, “Phantoms”.

Rate: (7).




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