Soft Riot – The Outsider In The Mirrors (CD Album – Possession Records)

By Aug 9,2018

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Genre/Influences: Electro-wave, wave-pop.

Background/Info: This is the sixth full length by Soft Riot. Driven by the creative spirit of Canadian artist Jack Duckworth (JJD) the artist is now based in Glasgow (Scotland) where together with a few other artists he set up Possession Records.

Content: The sound format and inspiration haven’t really changed since the previous album “You Never Know What Might Come Next”. This is a move back to the 80s and the wave-pop style of Soft Riot might remind you of bands such as Thomas Dolby, Scitti Politti ao. The songs were composed by great vintage electro sounds bringing the truly 80s spirit back alive. While the vocals were more half spoken on previous work, we now get a more sung approach.

+ + + : Vintage electronics don’t have anything innovating and yet there always is this kind of magic, which sounds refreshing and more sophisticated. This album reveals great electronic treatments and impressive strings. I also enjoyed the dry snare drums, which are once more typically 80s-like. Sound-wise this album is a little jewel in the genre.

– – – : My only regret about this work is the production of the vocals. I’m missing passion and simply conviction in the global performance. Vocals are important and are sometimes ruining a part of the song when they aren’t accurate.

Conclusion: I have double feelings about this album: I really like the music and its retro approach, but the vocals can’t convince me at any single moment.

Best songs: “He’s Gone Underground”, “The Outsider In The Mirrors”.

Rate: (6).

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