Simple Minds fans ‘stalked and threatened’ by brother of lead singer Jim Kerr

By Oct 23,2019

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The Argus, a local newspaper based in Brighton and Hove in East Sussex (UK), ran a rather weird story involving Paul Kerr, the brother of Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr and the band’s former tour manager. Paul Kerr, 56, is accused of stalking John Fagan and his wife Julie because of his “hatred and bitterness” towards his rock star brother.

According to what was told in the Lewes Crown Court, the former tour manager repeatedly accused hospital nurse Mr Fagan of raping a nine-year-old boy and told fans online that the couple was under investigation for making murder threats against him. Kerr began abusing the couple after he called Simple Minds’ new album “Walk Between Worlds” ‘pure shit’ on his public Facebook page in January last year.

Kerr, of Brighton, from his side claims the Fagans conspired with his ex Elizabeth Vanthof, a university worker in France, to create fake Facebook posts to frame him to the police.

From tourmanager to arsonist

Paul Kerr isn’t exactly unknown to the judicial system in the UK. During the hearing the jury was told that Kerr had a conviction and two-year prison sentence for arson (he set the home of a radio DJ, on fire in 1997 after a business deal went sour). Noteworthy, prior to the arson, he put up posters attacking the radio DJ, made venomous phone calls to his home and sent faxes and messages to his work, accusing him of being a thief, liar and tax dodger. A modus operandi which sounds peculiarly familiar today.

Kerr was also jailed in 2012 for aggravated burglary.


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