Schultz – Black Magic Party (Album – Hermès Records)

By Jul 2,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial, electro-metal.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: French formation Schultz strikes back with a new full length. The last year released album “Shot Of Pain” definitely was their best and most accomplished work to date. “Black Magic Party” reveals ten new songs released for the very first time on Hermès Records.

Content: If you’re a little bit familiar with the sound of Schultz, the album wont have many surprises The main difference with their previous work is the guitar playing which all sounds like having being empowered. This work sounds a bit more metal-driven, but electronic treatments are still there. The vocals are matching with the furious expression of this work. That’s an aspect that even comes through in some of the female backing vocals.

+ + + : The magic of the previous work was the harmony –or complementarity, between guitar and electronics. Well, the best songs of this new work are the ones made with the same formula. “I’m The Drugs” and “Black Out” both reveal the best out of Schultz. I like this furious composition, which is mixing industrial- and metal music. Another song worth to mention is “My Cat Loves Satan”, which is driven by enraged fem        ale vocals, but I also like the sphere hanging over this song. There’s something malicious here.

– – – : Schultz remains driven by their influences, but I regret there’s less harmony between the guitar and electronics like on their previous work. All the tracks are also pretty short (under the 4 minutes) and that’s a pity especially for the best songs.

Conclusion: If you like good-old industrial guitar/electro, this album will catch your attention. It’s pretty entertaining, but can’t compete with the excellence of “Shot Of Pain”.

Best songs: “I’m The Drugs”, “Black Out”, “My Cat Loves Satan”, “Demons In My Computer”.

Rate: (7½).

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