Scenius – Enough Fears (Album – MMXX Records)

By Mar 22,2021

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Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop, Indie-Pop.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Scenius is a duo driven by British producer/engineer Steve Whitfield and French singer Fabrice Nau. Whitfield has worked with numerous famous artists like The Mission, The Cure… but also The Drift (a project Fabrice Nau has been involved with). Scenius released a few singles and unleashed this debut album at the end of 2020.

Content: The main influences from this band are clearly Electro-Pop driven. “Enough Fears” stands for an open-minded Pop approach, which can be dark, but still pretty Indie-like. The last song “Darkest Lines” even reminds me of I AM X. You’ll also discover a few minimal-driven passages while supported by mysterious atmospheres. Most of the songs have been sung in English, but you’ll also notice some French words.

+ + + : Scenius isn’t a ‘typical’ Electro-Pop formation; there’s no real emulation here, but simply a duo with a personal approach, mixing different elements together. I like the atmospheric touch hanging over the songs, which injects a rather surprising Ambient touch to the work. It also creates a cold impressum, which comes through in songs like “Wild & Wooly” and “Enough Fears”. There for sure is more potential in the Indie-driven “Darkest Lines”, which is a great final part of this work. I also have to say a word about the production of the vocals, which have something emotional and passionate.

– – – : Scenius will now have to catch the attention of the Electro-Pop audience, which isn’t an easy thing in times of Covid-19.

Conclusion: “Enough Fears” is a rather accomplished debut album revealing a band with an own Electro-Pop style. Let’s keep an eye on Scenius.

Best songs: “Darkest Lines”, “Wild & Wooly”, “Enough Fears”, “Some Of Your Nights”.

Rate: (7½).





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