Dagmar Gertot – Os Lacrimale (Album – Cyclic Law)

By Mar 22,2021

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Genre/Influences: Experimental, Abstract.

Format: Digital, CD.

Background/Info: Cyclic Law welcomes a new artist from Russia. Dagmar Gertot already released a few productions, but remains a rather unfamiliar name. “Os Lacrimale” features eight songs, which are clearly very special in their global approach.

Content: “Os Lacrimale” is without a doubt one of the most surprising and ‘atypical’ releases from the Cyclic Law roster. You rapidly hear the work is mainly based upon a kind of free-style experiment with vocals. It’s totally improvised and features glossolalia technique (using an unknown language). This approach has something intriguing, even a bit witchcraft-driven, but still totally Abstract by the injection of real instruments like piano, accordion, horns ao.

+ + + : This is more than a simply unusual production on Cyclic Law. I can’t remember having ever heard a similar Experimental production –even if Phurpa also likes to experiment with vocals, but in a totally different way. This is pure expression, which reminds me of Outsider Art. The vocals are intriguing and sometimes anguishing when joined with different instruments or weird piano arrangements.

– – – : I’ve been never a huge adapt of this kind of improvisation. I imagine this kind of work as a part of a wider conceptual approach featuring a strong visual dimension like film, theatre, dance ao.

Conclusion: Dagmar Gertot has composed a work out of the box, but unfortunately it can’t totally convince me for its total Experimental approach.

Best songs: “Two-Headed Roe Deer”.

Rate: (5½).

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