Scatterface – 2020 (Album – Echozone)

By Dec 5,2020

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Genre/Influences: Industrial-Metal, Goth-Metal.

Format: Digital, CD, Vinyl.

Background/Info: Scatterface is a German producer and composer who’s already busy making music since his childhood. He gained some experience as a musician in Metal bands and finally decided to set up his very own project. “2020” is Scatterface’s debut album featuring sixteen songs and an impressive number of guest musicians and female singers. 

Content: The least I can say is that you rapidly notice the Metal roots and inspiration of the artist. The songs are mainly driven by furious guitar playing and fast rhythms although the tracklist also reveals softer cuts, even Ballad-styled compositions. The album appears to be an international work featuring artists from all over the world and playing very different instruments. So the work is not only guitar-driven, but also features songs with instruments such as cello, piano, trumpet ao.

+ + + : I was impressed by the way this album saw the daylight, featuring an impressive number of guest musicians and singers from all over the globe. Thanks to technology and the internet, artists can be easily connected with each other and even a pandemic can’t stop creativity. The main strength of the album is the great selection of talented vocalists who aren’t even the most famous ones, but they inject a true spirit to the work. Among the songs, I was conquered by the delicate ballad of “Snowflake” featuring artists from France, Lithuania, Poland, Venezuela and of course Germany. I also enjoyed the Ethereal-like “Path Of The Sun” featuring artists from South-Africa, Venezuela, Poland, Greece  and Germany. I also have to mention the Metal-Industrial like “We All Float” again revealing an international collaboration between Germany, Mexico, USA, Greece and Romania.

– – – : Despite of the artist’s patience and all efforts to make this album international, the album sounds as a kind of mishmash however carried by mainly Metal influences.

Conclusion: The concept of the album -featuring a true international collective, is far more interesting than the content properly speaking. 

Best songs: “We All Float”, “Path Of The Sun”, “Snowflake”, Sc4tterf4ce”. 

Rate: (6).

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