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Sacha Korn unites with Aggressive 69 and (ex) Subway To Sally members to form Sick Man: 3 remixes out now!

The high explosive collaboration between Funker Vogt and Berlin musician Sacha Korn caused quite a big commotion a few years ago. As you might remember Sacha Korn was publicly crucified for his political views which some of his critics don’t share. It turned soon into what can only be called a witch hunt after which Funker Vogt and Sacha Korn decided to go separate ways.

After taking some time off and gathering together new band members, Sacha Korn has now funded the electro act Sick Man (named after Funker Vogt´s single “Sick Man” from 2014 with Sacha Korn on vocals). The other band members are G.Schade (Ex and founding member of Subway To Sally), and Robert Tuta from the Polish act Agressiva 69.

The first track out now (in an original version and in 2 remixes) is the rather excellent track “Sick Man”, which can be ordered now on Bandcamp. Here’s the video for the track “Sick Man” which already gathered over 47.000 views on Youtube!

And here are the 3 tracks available now on Bandcamp.