Rune Clausen – Tones Jul (CD Album – Forwind)

By Jun 17,2019

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Genre/Influences: Dark-ambient.

Background/Info: Rune Clausen is a Norwegian artist who already released a few previous productions. This album is for sure an opportunity to discover the sonic universe of the artist who’s inspired by the Norwegian forests.

Content: Forests have something dense, mysterious and anguishing. This is for sure what you can feel when listening to “Tones Jul”. The dark-ambient production featuring field recordings create this feeling of nearby disaster. The tracklist is progressively evolving towards darker cuts. “Det Sorte Sovekammer” features a few female (Norwegian) spoken words accentuating part of the mystery.

+ + + : The main strength and characteristic emerging from this release is the overwhelming atmosphere. Well, that’s precisely what we expect when listening dark-ambient music isn’t it? There’s this visual appeal leading the listener into a nihilistic world, which quite surprisingly also feels pretty intimate. The evolution of the tracklist is a noticeable element and you’ll find the best cuts right in the end. “Barnsnød” is a real great composition revealing heavy, blasting sound treatments.

– – – : My single regret about the album concerns the rather short compositions. You sometimes get the impression the tracks aren’t totally accomplished like missing their apotheosis.

Conclusion: Rune Clausen is an interesting discovery and it all feels a bit like this artist can even do better by elaborating his tracks to get a fully achieved sensation. Let’s keep an eye on this artist!

Best songs: “Barnsnød”, “Myrgvarv”, “Det Sorte Sovekammer”.

Rate: (7).


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