Rummelsnuff launches hymn to the dustmen ‘Müllabfuhr’ – watch the video

By Nov 13,2020

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Rummelsnuff launches hymn to the dustmen'Müllabfuhr' - watch the video

(Photo by Jim Kroft) At the very beginning of the carnival season, in an autumn that is so filled with cultural deprivation as never before, Rummelsnuff launches the “Müllabfuhr” video, which can be seen below.

Here’s the “Müllabfuhr” video.

About Rummelsnuff

For those readers unknown with Rummelsnuff, he is a German musician and lyricist and the son of a family of renowned musicians (Renate and Peter Baptist).

In the early 1980s, Roger Baptist began experimental work with old keyboards, microphones, drums, a bass guitar and various tape recorders . Under the influence of the Leipzig band Die Art , he founded the band Kein Mitleid in 1987, which was mainly devoted to English-language music. In 1989 he joined the Dresden underground band Friends of the Italian Opera (FDIO) and, as a co-author of Jänz Dittschlag and RJKKHänsch, created numerous songs for the band, including on the record “Um Thron und Liebe” and the CD “Edle Einfalt Stille Größewere”.

After the Friends of Italian Opera broke up in 1992, Baptist founded the EBM and NDH band Automatic Noir, which existed until 1999. After the decline of the project followed several years of abstinence from music. It was his contact with the Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard that made him create the figure of “Rummelsnuff” in 2004. The first album was released in March 2008 on Alfred Hilsberg’s label ZickZack Records.

The rest is history. Here’s the complete discography so far:

  • 2008: Halt durch! (CD, ZickZack / Indigo)
  • 2010: Sender Karlshorst (CD, Out of Line Music)
  • 2011: Brüder / Kino Karlshorst (EP+DVD, Universal Music / Out of Line Music)
  • 2012: Halt’ Durch! (CD, neue Edition, ZickZack / Out of Line Music)
  • 2012: Himmelfahrt (CD, Out of Line Music)
  • 2013: Kraftgewinn (Doppel-CD, Out of Line Music)
  • 2016: Rummelsnuff & Asbach (Doppel-CD, Out of Line Music)
  • 2018: Salzig Schmeckt der Wind (Doppel-CD, Out of Line Music)
  • 2019: Lehrjahre 04-06 (Musikkassette, limitierte Eigenherstellung)
  • 2019: Weltruf (Musikkassette, limitierte Eigenherstellung)

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